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Howdy all, or I guess I should say few. Rights Day is coming next week. Get ready to exercise and enforce your liberties. You really should do this all the time and not just on Rights Day. Also, Hairy Habers. Enjoy.

DoM 40


Yep, it’s that time of year again. Arbitrary Calendar Replacement day is tomorrow. You would think they would have put it on the solstice or between winter and spring but they didn’t. So anyway, throw out your old calendar and stick up a new one and for the sake of decency don’t wait till too long or you’ll get stuck with some crap calendar that your friends will make fun of. Yes, my calendar is already up. Email me your guess as to what I got. If you get it right I may have a prize for you. And now some Hairy Habers. Enjoy.

DoM 39


Well, today is that other gift giving holiday. Still no pictures of everybody's giftmas ladders but I'm sure they'll be here soon. Anyway, as promised a new Hairy Habers. Enjoy.

DoM 38


It's GIFTMAS! Yeah! Don't forget to send us pictures of your Giftmas ladders. And as my gift to you, there will be a second update tomorrow on that other gift giving holiday. And now a very gifted Hairy Habers. Enjoy.

DoM 37


Most of us probablly didn't have that good of a Wealth Day, on account of being poor, but Giftmas is coming just next week! It's a time of giving and hopefully getting. As is tradition, we put up a Giftmas ladder and decorated it. Check it out in the Links Section. You should put one up too and send up us some pics to: If we get any, we'll post them. And now, your Hairy Habers. Enjoy.

DoM 36


Today is Wealth Day. Celebrate by rubbing money all over your naked body. Also a new Hairy Habers. Enjoy.

DoM 35



DoM 34



DoM 33



DoM 32



DoM 31



DoM 30

Sorry about the hiatus, folks. We’ve had both technical and medical problems but now We’re Back! To celebrate our return as well as the passing of Feastival, tomorrow starts a working week of Habers. That's right; there will be a Haber comic a day every working day this week. Get ready cause they’re a comin’. Enjoy.
I must say, I am disappoint. We challenged you our viewers to find links to the new frontiers and not a one of you responded. Well, next Sat. is Fireday. We’ll be celebrating one of the oldest and coolest bits of tech we have. Fire. Now here’s a Hairy Habers Comic. Enjoy.

DoM 29


Today is the day we push the boundries of human existance, Frontiers Day. Here at Ludus Merx, we're pushing the limits of what we can do. You should be doing the same where ever you are or just visit the holiday links. This Hairy Habers comic is pushing boundries in its own special way. Enjoy.

DoM 28


Wasn't Space Day just the best. Next week is Frontiers Day so get ready to break new ground and go were no one has gone before. Untill then, this Hairy Habers should sufice. Enjoy.

DoM 27


IT'S SPACE DAY! The biggest holiday of them all. Celebrate by leaving the planet or just visiting our holiday links in the LINKS Section. We also have a Hairy Habers that is way out there. Enjoy.

DoM 26


Sorry about the lack of a post on Armor Day, we were too tired from all the demos we ran. But don't worry, next Saturday is Space Day and we won't be missing that one. And now a very over due Hairy Habers. Enjoy.

DoM 25


I hope everyone had a blast on Arm's Day. We did! Coming next week is Armor Day. So get ready to gear up and take it. In other news, soon, SOON. and now some Hairy Habers. Enjoy.

DoM 24


It's Arm's Day, Hoorah! Arm yourselves and take to the streets. Or stay at home. As long as your armed every thing is going to be ok. We've got new links in the LINK Section. Also Hairy Habers. Enjoy.

DoM 23


Howdy all. Wasn't Justice Day swell. Next week is going to Arm's Day. So get your guns cleaned and ready. If guns are illegal where you are, you need to move. And now, your Hairy Habers. Enjoy.

DoM 22


It's Justice Day and we've got an announcement! There's a new game in the GAMES SECTION we've just started work on called Violence & Vigilance and it's all about dolling out the justice. Make sure to give alittle justice out your self today. The new Hairy Habers comic could use a little. Enjoy.

DoM 21


Now that the truth is known, justice is Saturday,it's Justice Day. May justice be served, with potatos and gravy. And now a very just Hairy Habers. Enjoy.

DoM 20


Truthfully, the date on this post is in no way inaccurate. Also, I know that the links in the LINKS section are a bit skimpy. What can I say, the truth is hard to find. And now a very truthful Hairy Habers. Enjoy.

DoM 19


I hope every one had a lovely Aesthetics Day. Next week is Truth day, and honestly I couldn't be more excited. The games are in their final edits so soon, soon. Until then, a Hairy Habers comic will have to do.

Dom 18


What a beautiful Aesthetics Day it is today. There are some pretty hansome links in the LINKS Section you should check out. Also there is a pretty good looking Hairy Habers just below this text. Enjoy.

Dom 17


Greeting everyone. Just a reminder, next Saturday is Aesthetics Day so start primping now. You'll want to look your best. Also looking good ahead of time is this new Hairy Habers comic. Enjoy.

Dom 16


Edison was a hack, happy Tesla's Day. You can celebrate by alternating between turning on all the lights in your house and visiting our holiday link. And now for a shocking Hairy Habers. Enjoy.

DoM 15


I hope everyone had a very moving Transport Day. Next Saturday is Tesla's Day. I have goosebumps just thinking about it, that or a skin condition. I also have a Haiy Habers comic for you. Enjoy.

DoM 14


Today is Transport day. Go somewhere to celebrate! Also visit the Transport related links in the LINKS section to learn about ways you can get there. And now, your Hairy Habers comic. Enjoy.

Dom 13


There's a new(but belated holiday link) in the LINK section. Also don't forget next Saturday is Transport Day. It's very important. And now, your Hairy Habers Comic. Enjoy.

DoM 12


Added a new game to the GAMES section. Check it out. Also I wish you a good Engines day. You can find Engine day links in the Link Section. And as always, there is a new Hairy Habers. Enjoy.

DoM 11


We are in the final edits of EMD and Jump Force so they should be available very soon. Also a reminder that next Saturday is Engines Day. Now, a new Hairy Habers. Enjoy.

DoM 10


It's Communications Day, Hurray! If you're using the Interweb, you can't help but to celebrate. There are Communicatons Day Links up in the LINKS Section and a very special COMs Day Hairy Habers below. Enjoy.

DoM 9


This will be the last of the Friday updates. They will be moving to Saturday after this week. Also next week is Communications Day, so get ready to celebrate the dickens out of that. And now, Hairy Habers. Enjoy.

DoM 8


It's Science Day! I've added some science related links in the Holiday list of the LINKS section to help you better worship science. Also there is a very special science themed Hairy Habers just for you. Enjoy.



Well, the links have yet to manifest but they will. There are now Contributor Profiles in the ABOUT section and as always a new Hairy Habers Comic. Enjoy and remember, tomorrow is Science Day!



You may have noticed a LINKS link up top and yep, it's new. Not much in there now but look for links to start appearing throughout the week. Rascals now has some content and there’s a new Hairy Habers. Enjoy.



Suprise Update! Now we're on FaceBook! Check it out in the CON-TACT section. Also The Doom of Man which has inexplicibly changed its name to The Doom of Men. So anyway, more Hairy Habers! Enjoy.



True to my word, content has been added to the GAMES sections for JumpForce and EMD and E-Mails have been added to the CON-TACT section. And it's about time too. And now more Hairy Habers. Enjoy.



Still not much here, but I promise next week will see real content added. Really, I promise. Until then it's more Hairy Habers. Enjoy.

TheDoomOf MAn2


We almost added content to the Games section and Contributor Profiles to the About section. But Didn't.
So it's the first appearance of the Hairy Habers in their very own webcomic. The Doom of Man. Enjoy.



Whoohoo!  The site is online!  Ludus Merx Rules! Not much to see here yet, but stay tuned, there's much more to come!


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